GMS SMART VISUAL is our contribution to a reliable and easily operated automation system.


It integratively controls and displays the valve remote control system, tank measurement and the anti-heeling system. The system consists of a control software and - depending on the customers' preferences - personal computers with keyboard and mouse or touch screen TFTs.


Visualisation of a ballast systems in GMS SMART VISUAL

Everything at a glance, always on top of things

With GMS SMART VISUAL you will never lose track of any important information. You are able to control the vessels' valves intuitively at any time - either in a manual remote control mode or in an automatic remote control mode.


Manual remote control mode

When selecting the manual remote control mode, you are able to control each valve/pump individually.

Automatic remote control mode

When switching to the automatic remote control mode, you can directly select a respective tank to be filled/drained.

GMS SMART VISUAL is tailor-made and completely adjustable to a vessels' special requirements.


As a matter of course we are also able to realise switch panels (mimic diagrams) as an alternative to our computer based automation solution.