Quick closing valves / Quick opening valves

Quick closing valves and quick opening valves are used for sudden blocking or opening of piping systems in case of danger and on tanks with inflammable liquids.


The blocking done remote controlled from outside the dangerous area can be realised hydraulically, pneumatically or manually via wire. Additionally the valves dispose of a hand wheel for local operation.


The valves are designed for a space-saving installation and available in nodular cast iron, cast steel and bronze for pipes from DN 15 up to DN 200. Furthermore the valves are type approved by ABS, GL, LR and BV.



hydraulic remote control

The hydraulic remote control is realised with a hand pump unit. Up to six quick closing valves can be connected to one hand pump unit.

Pneumatic remote control

The pneumatic remote control works via a control board, which consists of a cabinet with release valves and a compressed air bottle.