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Pressure Transmitter GT310

Our certified all-rounder

Our pressure transmitter GT310 is the all-rounder in the field of electronic tank measuring.


It disposes of a GL type approval as well as an ATEX certification and is expecially designed to cope with the challenges in maritime applications.


The seawater resistant body with full welded stainless steel design with 2-shealth cable allows a reliable operation of the sensor in temperature ranges from -20 °C until +100 °C and in all tanks such as ballast, bilge, seawater or HFO.

Our sensor is designed with metal measurement cell and the range of measurement is individually configurable.



A special advantage is the programmability of the sensor according to each desired tank height and a measuring range between 0...10 mbar up to 0...25 bar.

Further product characteristics

  • compact design (OD 27 mm)
  • measurement range individual configurable
  • GL type approval and ATEX certification
  • long lifetime
  • suitable for installation in the tank as well as side mounted via flange or ball valve
  • output signal: 4...20 mA
  • FEP cable, IP 68
  • 2-shealth cable (the inner one to seal, the outer one for protection)
  • short lead-times


Our pressure transmitter GT310 is available both for relative and absolute measurement.


Pressure Transmitter GT310T / PT100

Our specialist including temperature measurement

Our pressure transmitter GT310T / PT100 contains an additional temperature detector in order to measure the temperature of the medium. Our specialist combines the advantages of a robust mounting form with a unique functionality.